What is Solo Connect?


Get the most out of your LiveU Solo solution by bonding multiple connections together and getting the best video transport technology to ensure your stream is super robust, and the highest quality possible! You now can get it all with the Solo Connect Solution that includes certified modems and routers, LiveU's Reliable Transport (LRT™) Cloud Service and unlimited data plans*.


  • The new Solo Connect solution includes connection kits so you never have to search for a carrier or modem to use with your LiveU Solo and combines LRT Cloud Service with unlimited data plans for one easy service to manage right in the Solo portal*.
  • Reliable Bandwidth: You never want to rely on just one connection.  LiveU ensures network stability by bonding together multiple networks of varying bandwidths to create one single, reliable connection to transmit your live video content.    
  • Multi-Carrier Capable SIMs: This means, each modem has the option to connect to one of three networks (Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile) and which network you connect to will change based on availability in your area, automatically.


Download the Solo Connect Brochure  


Solo Connect Options


2 Connection Kit - New! Contains 1 AT&T and 1 Verizon modem and SIMs: $450

2  Unlimited Data Plans + LRT Cloud Bonding Service*: $295/month


3 Connection Kit - New! Contains 1 AT&T modem, 1 Verizon modem and 1 AT&T High Performance MiFi Router and SIMs: $650

3 Unlimited Data Plans + LRT Cloud Bonding Service*: $435/month


*Activate Solo Connect data & LRT combined plan in the LiveU Solo portal. Discounted annual payment plans also available. Unlimited data subject to fair usage - click here for details. Previous kits included T-mobile instead of Verizon. Available only in the US.

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