LiveU brings the wedding ceremony and reception to remote guests in real-time

The wedding industry is a 55-billion-dollar business with a variety of amenities to ensure an amazing day for the couple and their guests - and live video is the newest opportunity for this market. Videographer, Joel Rienstra, President and Video Producer at  StreamByte TV, has tapped into this opportunity by offering brides and grooms the ability to live stream their big day and share it with friends and family that can’t attend in addition to the traditional wedding video.  “Live has become much more captivating than pre-recorded video,” Rienstra shares.

Tiar Laura Wedding-Tiar Laura Wedding-0208Rienstra and his team meet with the couples to determine their streaming needs. Most events are streamed to StreamByte’s CDN which displays the stream on a dedicated custom web page. The team also broadcasts to YouTube, Facebook, and other streaming platforms.This allows for guests that can't attend in person to interact live during the event too. “We try to get the friends and family involved as much as possible to leave their well wishes for the bride and groom online during the stream. It becomes a fun way to engage with the couple and the family even if they aren’t able to be there in person.”

Wedding Venue Challenges 

Many wedding/event venues are not wired for high-speed data transfers. They may offer vendors Ethernet connections or Wi-Fi, but the internet may be slow or unreliable. The venue may also charge an exorbitant fee to get a 5-10 MB uplink. This is not ideal for a live event. Further, these events can include outdoor elements and be very hectic - it is important to be able to set up in just a few minutes. “Videographers don’t often have the luxury of a pre-site visit so LiveU is our best option to guarantee good stream performance,” added Rienstra. 

“LiveU is the perfect solution to cover wedding ceremonies and receptions since it allows our videographer to function as a roving camera. We can easily move inside/outside to get the best coverage without worrying about losing our network connection. Many outdoor weddings would not be possible without LiveU.”




In addition to weddings, Rienstra’s team produces many other live events for different clients including press conferences, keynotes, concerts and sporting events.

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