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The Dro

Popular YouTuber, The Dro takes his viewers through an eclectic array of talents, topics and adventures daily – music, graphic design, web development, car repairs and restorations, photography, video editing, and his work with exotic animals.


Musician, Exotic Pet Owner and Adventure Seeker, The Drotakes on YouTube Live Streaming

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“I wanted to take viewers on hikes with me and my wolfdog, Luna. In Colorado, I was climbing mountains, but unfortunately my signal and resolution were always horrible. My research brought me to the LiveU Solo which promised more reliability and ease of use. I decided to try it and have been using LiveU for a year.”


“Before LiveU, it was extremely frustrating to live stream and have your viewers tell you in the chat that they couldn’t see anything or that the signal kept cutting out, making your streams unwatchable.”


“During a few of my streams, I would get stuck in the middle of a car repair. With the live stream chat, I was able to get real-time advice and assistance from my viewers in order to accomplish the task. It was almost like having a bunch of friends right there with me!”


"I am a bass player for an industrial-metal band named Deadstar Assembly. When the band starts touring again, I plan on taking the LiveU with me to show some behind-the-scenes of what it's like to travel on the road with musicians.”


“LiveU gave me the ability to have more confidence when live streaming outside of my house. Everything from traveling to the store to go shopping to a day out at the zoo, hiking, working on my vehicles, playing music, working with exotic animals and much more!


“I have captured many different types of videos with my LiveU. I have even had the opportunity to travel to a college to speak with some of the students about what it's like to make a living using social networks.”

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