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Shookon3 (shook-one) was one of the first 64 cyber-athletes signed to Major League Gaming in 2006, is a nominated hiphop and rap artist, and an avid outdoor adventure fan. But no matter what he is doing, his main focus is always about sharing his life experiences in a way that people can relate to. To do that, Shook started TheRealShooKon3, where he streams 10-15 hours a day, 7 days a week.  His authentic style has attracted over 70,000 subscribers who are inspired by him to be themselves, work hard, and to enjoy life. 


Artist & Adventure Seeker, TheRealShookOn3

Takes Viewers on a Wild Ride Every Day with In Real Life Streaming


“I’m trying to show the world a different view from the places I travel to. I want to show the true culture and what it’s like really to be there, and I can't let technology slow me down.”


"I’ve done ATV drives through a jungle in Bali, I was in Thailand with someone on my shoulders just guiding the parasail with his feet, I’ve done the Tarzan zip line and I flipped upside down 30 feet... and streamed it all live."


“I go crabbing, fishing, and bungee jumping with the LiveU Solo and IRL Backpack on. I jumped off a building and it worked the whole time, it didn’t lose any connection.”

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"I stream about 10-15 hours a day - every day. With the my LiveU Solo, I know the quality will be great no matter where I go or what I do. There is unlimited potential with this solution."


“I got a GoPro and a pool cleaning pole to run the cables through so I can stream from the end of a pier and I can switch to the camera 15 meters underwater to show sharks and everything all live.”


"I am so blessed that this technology exists. This year I plan to travel to every city in Australia. Internet and cellular connections are not always strong or even available in many places. But I know with Solo, I will be able to take my fans with me and stream every where I go. What a time to be alive!"

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