Media Production Company Evolves Business into New Markets with Live Streaming

Toronto-based media production company, Press It, focused on creative content and video solutions for the music industry. The company has since grown and expanded into other markets incorporating live video into its production services. With LiveU Solo, Press It has produced high-quality multi-cam live productions for leading consumer brands looking to reach larger audiences on social media. The live productions have garnered millions of views and increased social engagement and interactions tremendously. These out-of-the-box live streams and shows have directly impacted business and monetization for Press It's clients. 

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Streamlining the Live Production

“My challenges were that I had to stream directly through a laptop via an HDMI to Thunderbolt conversion. This was problematic as there was too much room for error. I was trying to accomplish multi-cam internet broadcasting at a consumer level. LiveU took away many production headaches, and simplified workflow,” said Kluba. The simplified setup and workflow of the LiveU Solo made life easier and allowed for more focus on the content of the production. "LiveU allowed us to set up and tear down productions faster and in a less cluttered and more professional matter,” noted Kluba. 

Using an ATEM Switcher output to a LiveU Solo, Press It produces 2-4 streams per month featuring multi-cam live music performances, multi-cam panel discussions, and behind-the-scenes coverage of productions. “I've always had issues with de-interlacing and syncing the audio on live streams. The LiveU Solo does this automatically. This is a simple all-in-one streaming solution that I can trust,” concluded Kluba.

One of their most successful streams was a behind-the-scenes stream of Toronto-based, Monowhales four-song set live from the Facebook Canada office. “This live stream garnered over a million views and is allowing Press It to grow into Toronto's leading indie live stream provider,” added Kluba. Following the success of the four-song set, Press It live streamed another behind-the-scenes for the band garnering 1.4 million views.

The Next Level: Collaborating with Brands

LiveU has not only changed the way Press It produces live events, but has opened interesting doors, including collaborations with brands, including Twitter Canada, Joe Fresh, OxiClean, and Shopify

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The team recently produced a fall fashion segment at the Joe Fresh Queen Street & Portland store in Toronto with Yummy Mummy Club Founder and former MuchMusic VJ, Erica Ehm. Erica interviewed live models and showcased Joe Fresh stylings in various patterns, styles, and sizes. Viewers on the Yummy Mummy Club Facebook Page were able to interact with the Facebook Live host, ask questions, comment to win Joe Fresh gift cards, receive coupon codes for the store, and purchase the clothes featured in the live stream instantaneously.

“While monetization is on everyone’s mind, we have worked with clients to find unique ways for brands to generate revenue from these live events.” 

Founder and CEO, Phil Kluba describes how LiveU Solo has helped him grow his business.  



Monowhales performance for a Facebook Live Stream 

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