IRL Streaming, Unleashed

In Real Life, or IRL, takes an unscripted approach to live streaming. Content creators stream everything from their daily lives to wild adventures, anywhere in the world, often for hours at a time. But how to get great quality outdoor live streams - when there may be limited bandwidth or no place to recharge? Well, that's how the IRL Backpack with LiveU Solo was born. 

What is the IRL Backpack?

IRL RoundConceived and built by Justin Gunrun Ignacio in collaboration with LiveU, the IRL backpack is a simpler way for streamers to broadcast high quality from the outdoors and free their phone to engage with fans for hours at a time

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Build Your Own IRL Backpack

This is Gunrun's IRL Backpack, the original design that started everything. It allows streamers to broadcast a stabilized HD video feed live! Learn how it works, connect with others or even build your own design with parts you can easily source on Amazon.

Build Your Own



Get the Complete IRL Rig

We've partnered with UnlimitedIRL so that you can get a complete IRL backpack with LiveU Solo. This way you can start streaming almost as soon as you open the box. Not sure you want to buy yet? Well they also offer rental options for your next big adventure too!

Get The Backpack