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Pete runs a company called Gaming Careers, which is the place to go to learn everything about live streaming and content creation for gamers. His channel includes Tutorials, Gear Reviews and Tips and Tricks to help you succeed in your gaming careers!


Pete Keeps Viewers Watching and Coming Back for More


"I met the LiveU team at TwitchCon 2018 in San Jose. I saw that the IRL streaming category on Twitch was growing at an exponential rate and my audience were starting to ask questions about how to setup an IRL stream. I reached out to LiveU who were keen to work together on a video guide about the Gunrun backpack setup."


"There were quite a few technical challenges involved with running an IRL or outdoor stream. Firstly, you don’t have a computer to run streaming software from. Secondly, you don’t have any power to power anything like cameras. Thirdly, and probably most importantly, you don’t have a stable internet connection."

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"The LiveU Solo is basically the brains behind the whole IRL Streaming operation. The LiveU Solo is constantly analyzing the connections plugged into it to make sure you have a super stable and as high quality as possible live stream whilst you are out there."

"In April 2018, I ran the Manchester Marathon raising money for charity whilst live streaming the whole thing to Twitch. Not only was there the physical challenge of running 26.2 miles with a backpack on, there was also the technical challenge of keeping a stream running and entertaining for nearly 5 hours! At the peak, we had over 1,900 people watching live and donating to the charity I was raising money for."


"It's always nice to talk live with your audience who typically only see me through my YouTube videos. Being able to build a deeper connection with your audience is one of the key aspects of live streaming, it's a whole new level of interaction!"


"What’s next for my personal streaming? Who knows? Maybe the Marathon London 2020 if I am accepted to race.”

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