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Partners on Twitch and in life, Esco and Heosu, otherwise known as EXBChad a dream of streaming EVERYTHING they experience. From sushi to paragliding off Mt Fuji all while live! See how the South Korean couple became one of the top 25 streamers to watch on Twitch with their unique take on live streaming.


From PokémonGO to Going Live In Real Life
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Always attracted to new experiences, EXBC wanted to do more than just stream games. Pokémon Go gave them a taste of what outdoor live streaming could be and their following wanted to go along for the ride with them.

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EXBC have always just been themselves, whether gaming or sharing everyday life. And they gained a global fan base by sharing their love of food, travel, and trying new things live on their channel.


“South Korea is dynamic, with so many fun festivals in the city, but there are also caveman survival challenges on islands with fishing and clam hunting, and tons of countryside and wildlife to showcase.”


Heosu had a vision of where they could take things, the only question was how. "I had a dream of really doing things that have never been streamed before. And Esco found LiveU Solo, the technology that would make it all come true."


Armed with the LiveU Solo IRL backpack, EXBC has traveled to Thailand, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Taiwan to stream everything from meeting friends to luxury yachts tours to snorkeling with dolphins without worrying about the quality of their stream.


It's clear that this isn’t just a hobby, it’s a passion. From dancing in public for new subscribers to letting viewers participate in their various adventures through chat, Esco and Heosu’s streams inspire others to get outside and try something new.