Dwelling Place Church – Expanding Reach and Message to Online Audiences with LiveU Solo

Dwelling Place Church brings together worshipers from different backgrounds to share the message of hope with their congregation. The house of worship has turned to live streaming technology to expand their message and reach beyond the walls of the church.

As the church started streaming weekly services, the media team quickly realized they needed a more robust solution since they experienced network maintenance issues during their live streams. After an introduction to LiveU Solo and its cloud-based workflow, the team swapped out streaming solutions and couldn’t be happier with the results. “The church hasn’t seen any issues and the streams have been ‘unbreakable,’ said John Hettinger, Dwelling Place Church Media Director. 


“LiveU was the easiest introductory technology to get the church into cellular bonding.”

The church uses LiveU Solo for weekly services and large conferences. The streams typically reach thousands of people weekly and special events reach upward of 25K. “Live streaming has helped us connect with worshipers outside Houston and partner with other churches and religious organizations across the world,” noted Hettinger.

The Church also has plans to use Solo at conferences where parishioners and pastors come together to worship in locations such as Paris and Tokyo. “With the Solo making the church’s productions easier, there are so many opportunities to broaden the worship spectrum,” concludes Hettinger

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“The biggest benefit of Solo is that it’s an affordable solution to ‘foolproof’ your stream. It’s so simple to use and you can quickly train people to run it. You can be on the other side of the world and it’s easy to start or stop the stream.”

Reaching Homebound Members

Every church has them: once-active church members that are now home bound (primarily older adults and their caregivers). With reduced involvement in the church, these members are largely unknown to most of the congregation and may feel forgotten, ignored, or misunderstood. “LiveU Solo has brought the church to these members. The ability to view and participate in the service has really strengthened their faith,” stated Hettinger.
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Live Streaming for Education

The media team also uses Solo to live stream pastoral training and to educate other churches about live streaming technology. “For other congregations, the biggest hurdle is knowing how to go live and utilizing all the social media platforms,” noted Hettinger. “So far, audiences have been impressed by the quality of the live streams and other production people cannot believe that cellular bonding is attainable.”

Advice for Live Producers

“Audiences respond to true live opposed to simulated live,” said Hettinger. “When the Church hosts a live stream, it gives them more of a chance to interact with the audience as opposed to just watching it afterwards from home. LIVE makes things more interactive in real-time.”

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