Creator Spotlight

Bri Teresi

Bri Teresi is a variety IRL streamer, model, entrepreneur, and social media influencer who enjoys working out, traveling, and cooking in her spare time. She’s a California-based streamer who regularly documents her life on Twitch and the recently launched streaming platform DLive. Bri believes in the power of radiating positive energy and living a healthy lifestyle. Her streams focus on positivity, light- hearted fun, and female empowerment.



IRL Streaming allows Bri to strengthen her brand

Bri Backpack

“As an IRL streamer LiveU is like the mecca of streaming. All the top streamers use them. My challenges prior to using LiveU were always Internet connection and video quality. Both issues have now disappeared, and my audience is happier than ever.”


“As a streamer it’s really important to have a high-quality stream that doesn’t cut out. I truly believe that live streaming has helped strengthen my brand. It has afforded me opportunities to meet new people, make business connections, travel, and experience different cultures.”


“I’ve done streams where I ask a bunch of people out on dates and the reactions are always interesting. I usually get rejected. I [also] hosted a Wheel of Fortune game from Hollywood Boulevard on stream and had all sorts of tourists come up to me and make funny guesses.”

Bri 2

"My most popular streams using the LiveU have been fitness-related streams. I act like a Personal Trainer and provide workout tips and advice for my viewers. It empowers them to get healthy from the comfort of their own homes."


“There are two sides of streaming: the dark side is that there will be negative viewers trying to bring you down. But on the other side, you have committed, supportive viewers who show you love. It’s an amazing feeling to enjoy the community you helped create.”


“Earlier this year traveled to Italy and London for IRL content. I had some technical issues streaming from my cell phone. I am excited for upcoming trips to Nashville and London this spring. With LiveU Solo, I am assured reliable, high-quality live streaming wherever my content may take me.”

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