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Awkwards Travel

With a passion for life, love, and travel, Gaspard and fiancée Kristina "Tallulah" Gaudet have turned their traveling live stream, Awkwards_Travelinto a full-time job that takes 40,000 viewers along with them and all their crazy adventures in over 16 different countries. But it's more than just about sharing the experience of new food, cultures and activities, it is the interactivity with the community that makes it truly a rewarding experience for the duo.


Awkwards Travel Share their Globetrotting Adventures with a Live Audience


“As a frequent flyer, you are already thinking about your budget, the weather, and what you want to do. With streaming, now you add the concern over 4G coverage, speed, and availability. Working with the LiveU Solo made things much easier for us and expanded our travel options."

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“At the start, phone streaming was the norm for IRL, but it came with a lot of setbacks such as low resolution and interruptions. Then many streamers started jumping from phone streaming to a LiveU-powered IRL backpack. We were so impressed with the results, the possibilities, and the fact that it was quickly becoming a standard for outdoor streaming, that we had to get our hands on one.”


“In one week we could go from exploring the streets of a new city, trying the weirdest food the country has to offer, or renting a room in the worst hostel anyone has ever stepped foot in just to see how long we will last (spoiler: not long).”


“We're living in a time where social media has slightly skewed our vision of the world. Influencers on Instagram will make you believe that it's all about postcard-like beaches, turquoise water and fancy resorts. This unrealistic expectation of travel will set people up for disappointment. We’re streaming live for 6-8 hours a day and there’s no Photoshop or a crew fixing our hair between takes. It’s raw and real.”


“We’ve streamed every trip and adventure such as parasailing, swimming with monkeys, getting a traditional Thai tattoo, taking part in the world's biggest water fight, almost crashing on a Tuk-Tuk ride, eating scorpions and worms, and training to become Thai Boxing fighters! For us, popular streams will be the ones people will remember.”


“Sometimes you'll be streaming something that took weeks to prepare and won't get the reaction you expected. Don’t get discouraged. Sometimes, while you're not doing anything in particular the stars will align and your numbers will go through the roof! The best thing you can do in that case is always be ready and enjoy what you're doing. If you do something you are passionate about then people will enjoy watching it.”

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